45 Years Old | Escorts | Adelaide
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Officially Mad Sucking And More in Semaphore South

Staying In. South Australia For a couple months in my house By the way my house is sanitised heavily New phone number 0408 934 473Please mention on text you saw me on Skokka Extended in Adelaide Bongo Bus Is resting for a few months or so Come join me Anytime except in the wee hours ( I do sleep at night)I will be staying in the area for Awhile Firstly a lot of. Girls are using my pics they are FAKE ....Remember I have a distinctive tattoo that’s how you will know it’s an Imposter posing as MeI hope you will give me a go I am friendly and I am very lovely and nice I will make you feel welcome NEW PHONE NUMBER Find me in a Semaphore South Cool don’t you think ...Not for free All extras are discussed when you walk thru my door SMS 0408 934 473

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