22 Years Old | Escorts | Brisbane
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I do this because I love sex in all its forms WHATSAPP +33752220411

WHATSAPP +33752220411Hi Im Andy, Im 28 years old, Im 510 , black hair, breasts redone 34C, naughty, talented, deep throat. I am a super easy-going girl and I have no selection criteria. I am perfect for those who want to try a 1st experience or for those who are more experienced. I receive you in the comfort of a room at my home. I do this because I love sex in all its forms. Do not be embarrassed, text me or call me by whatsapp at +33752220411, it will be my great pleasure to make you live an unforgettable moment. Prices and photos on request.I can be reached by WHATSAPP +33752220411

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