39 Years Old | Escorts | Cairns
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$70 - 10 mins...Australian. Sexy, Mature, Seductive and ready to play.

Hi I am Simone.$70 - 10 mins full service today only.Must book before 5pmMy name is Simone. Call me hear how Aussie I am. I am black hair blue eyes 40 yo white Aussie female.You can tell I am Australian because I use correct spelling and grammar.. hee hee hee ?Have me for breakfast lunch and dinner... mmmm....I am delicious...I am attractive and mature.My maturity gives me the experience in the industry that the young ones just dont have. My ability to give great BJs is renowned. I hear it everyday from clients.I am a very tidy package in every way.Come play let me treat you like Man that you are. As only a woman of my age and experience can.AS I said I am very good at what I do. Theres only one way to find out how good.. come play and experience it for yourself.Easy access plenty of parking. Off the street very discreet.$100 - 15 mins full service.$110 - 15 mins gfe service.$140 - 15 mins full gfe service.$130 - 30mins full service$150 - 30 mins gfe service$170 - 30 mins full gfe service$260 - 60 mins full service$280 - 60 mins gfe service$300 - 60 mins full gfe service0498717427

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