18 Years Old | Male escort | Brisbane
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10 inches of love 6ft 2 of muscle for you any gender especially women or women transsexuals please text my number

Hi there thanks for taking the time to look at my profile. I’m an 18 year old looking for some extra money and what better way than to have sex for it. If you want a list of my services just text me also if you want photos just text me. If you want my services you will have to pick me up because I lost my liscense, don’t worry that means the services will be a little cheaper. I’m very interested into women aged 18-34 but please still text if you aren’t in this age gap I’m also ver interested in women who are fit or petite. Things that arouse me are panties or g strings (especially gstrings), no panties short skirt, yoga pants and of course nudity. If you like role play and would like me to play something please have a costume or whatever I need out for me to change into. So please text 0451 337 162 on whatsapp to receive photos and prices please only pay in cash. Thanks for reading and please text whenever no calling kind regards Ethan.

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